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About the company

  • is an award-winning consultancy firm that since 2004 has added value to private and public clients as well as NGOs. References include Danish International Development Agency, UEFA, Danish Ministry of Social Affairs, Capital Region of Copenhagen, Pressalit, Ruths Hotel, GLOBAL CSR and DanChurchSocial.
  • Services include leadership, strategy and execution in Business- and Organizational Development, Communications, Fundraising and Networking – often in a combination.
  • The company consists of a professional and international network of diverse and highly skilled associates who each run their own consultancies.
  • Winner of Danish Communication Association’s (Dansk Kommunikationsforenings) Communication Prize 2013 for the country’s best project.
  • Is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We work both domestically and internationally.
  • Founded and owned by CEO, Mette Thorsen.

About CEO, Mette Thorsen

  • Founder and owner since 2004 at
    20 + years of experience and successful results created in the private, public, international and non-profit sector – of which: 13 + years of management experience at both strategic level of planning and execution. 7 + years of international work experience from employment and independent projects.
  • Winner of Danish Communication Association’s (Dansk Kommunikationsforenings) Communication Prize in 2013 – both the audience- and board price.
  • Multidisciplinary profile that ensures efficient resource optimization for customers. Services include: Leadership, strategy and execution within the business- and organizational development, communications, fundraising and network – often in combination.
  • Core competencies center upon communications, fundraising and visual storytelling.
  • Education:
    MSc: Master of Political Science, Cand.Scient.Pol., Aarhus University, Denmark.
    MIL: Master of Public International Law, Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Raoul Wallenberg Institute, Lund University, Sweden.
    MA: Master of International Relations, University of Kent’s London Centre of International Relations, UK.
    Minor in History at Aarhus University, Denmark.
  • Ms. Thorsen is a passionate and experienced traveler and networker.

Our team 

  • Since was established, the company has been based on a large professional network.
  • We act as a consultancy and communications agency, and depending on the nature and scope of the task, we set the right team for the job.
  • A number of external professional specialists are afiiliated with the company and we cover areas such as leadership, business and organizational development, go-to-market strategy, networking, project management, graphic design, copy writing, proofreading, photography, fundraising, web design and web programming.
  • We can be hired to work on everything from small-scale projects that last less than the course of a month to large projects that require several years worth of hard work and persistency.
  • Contact us to learn more.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Works actively to contribute to holistic solutions that are simple to implement and anchor. This is done by offering our services, networks and scalable development ideas. When it is applicable, customers are also offered consulting on business development and problem solving with the purpose of fulfilling UN’s Global Goals.
  • Was established in 2004 from the passion and the desire to create value for people, markets and society.
  • Especially wants to contribute to reach these UN Global Goals:
    # 1: No poverty
    # 2: No hunger
    # 3: Good health
    # 4: Quality education
    # 8: Good jobs and to economic growth
    # 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure
    # 10: Reduced Inequalities
    # 11: Sustainable cities and communities
    # 12: Consumption
    # 17: Partnerships for the goals.
  • Has so far joined a number of CSR collaborations, and is interested in joining more. Contact us for further information.
  • Supports Khan Academy – free education for all. Everywhere and always.